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non white color items for wedding

Understand that everything we have experienced has been a programmed issue, nonetheless to put fear, confusion and control into place. Yes in reality we are facing these issues, but is it necessarily us developing them or are they placed there as obstacles. Understand that, it was never about race, money, gender equality, religion, social media, the internet, politics, none of it. Understand that, we are being wiped out from the earth slowly, we have been running out of necessities on earth and that the government is hiding that humans surviving another 100+ will only be expensive to them but at the rate of how we're burning everything that is important to our survival down is too fast. They are constructing ways to eliminate people and to do so fast. It's always about taking the fast route of of things (if you haven't noticed) and this has been going on for decades. Earth is TIRED, if you are awaken, you would know that the things that we do and want in our lives is the same things that is hurting us and our planet, we are not taking care of the same place that gives us a home so of course you then eventually will get kicked out right? See, understand that it is people who have foresaw and are promoting this "end of the world" cause because there is no telling when the natural earth itself will give in but then it's people who think they can stop it or slow it down by simply getting rid of a good chunk of our population because we are "a waste" and are just here to mooch. Look around you, thousands of people die a day, what's troubling is that there is almost half of that being born into the world which balances the population still giving that there is a billion people living on this one earth. That will be too many people to be able to feed, shelter and nurture when resources start to become little to nonexistent. Understand that you have not experienced the worse until the worse has yet to come and they are surely letting us enjoy not knowing that global warming wasn't just being talked about, it was actually happening right before your eyes while your government bombards you with other crap to keep you distracted. Everything is here to distract you so that when the time comes where survival won't just be on a TV show and it's real life then you'll see. I encourage everyone to prepare and if you don't know what your preparing for, still be ready because from this point on and at any given time, something can drastically change and this sweet life we've been living will force us to a life changing moment. Our system has already made their decision on what they would have to do when they notice they can no longer support the worlds living and that the great deal of damage can't be reversed. Be aware and alert of what is going on w/ the earth more importantly because as soon as something goes entirely left, you will know that a countdown of disaster will be coming right after. non white color items for wedding