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mother of the bride wears in coral

Four weeks post treatment: more thoughts - you asked for it!

Thanks for all the encouragement to keep posting after more last message. So now I have to find some interesting things to say.

It turns out it was a lot more up and down this week than I anticipated. ...
On Saturday evening we went out to see the Beatels do a tribute show for Sgt Peppers 50th anniversary. It was a great show but was probably more than I should have done and I felt pretty ordinary on Sunday and Monday.

Then things seemed to continue to improve. I was feeling better overall and then seeing the Oncologist on Friday for a good report. Apparently my ulcers have all gone now so I'm in the "dry throat" phase.

For me that seems to mainly result in a pretty continuous dry mouth especially when I wake up at night, and a very persistent bad taste in the mouth. Both are manageable but annoying!

Another checkup in two weeks but all is good. The one thing that I had not realised until now - the hair loss on my face and throat is permanent! A pretty expensive hair removal program but very effective. The funny part is that I still have a little facial hair. It only grows above the line from my lips to just below my ear lobes. No growth from there down to my collarbones. mother of the bride wears in coral

On Friday night and Saturday morning I thought was losing the battle with constipation again but by Saturday afternoon things had settled down. That should be less of an issue as I continue to cut back on the pain medication.

Saturday night and today I've had real food and enjoyed it! I seem to be able to taste most things again but weirdly almost everything tastes salty. Even honey!

Michele and I are in Currarong for the weekend. Its a lovely peaceful spot. We're going to the local fish restaurant tonight "Zac's Place." Here's hoping it doesn't all just taste of salt.

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