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DorrisWedding girl's wearing for graduation at 8th grade

Another conversation... prospecting, my thoughts... why have someone prospect 6 months, and I'm talking the actual voting in as a prospect. Let's be real, prospecting is easy... Do as your told and seen not heard... period! But how does someone quantify a good member vs he or she's a good listener... how can you truly prospect someone from that long and 90% of your knowledge, communication, etc is via facebook, groupme or inbox... are you truly doing that prospect justice? If you allow a prospect to move and party with your club, then what incentive are you giving them besides the vest.... hell, they already been moving like theyre a full member so vest isn't truly valued! Nup, Full member privilages should be earned 100% with the vest. Me, the hang around phase is what's important... when the club is seeing if they have what it takes by volunteered actions. When he or she is choosing to meet the other members, help, ride, etc NOT because you gave them a homework assignment and you see this alot....prospects have all the time in the world, get vested and you bearly see them or the same people! There's your facts there....! But by that time, it's too late... they're already a member. Because honestly can you call someone a brother and sister you don't really know or just known for 6 months and everything they did was because they were told? Someone can "Hang around" without hanging around if you know what I mean, you'll know that person from previous actions, rides, events, etc... he or she could've been hanging around for years for you to formuate if they're good enough for your club! That mentor or sponsor is so important, makes no sense to bring someone in and you don't have the time, education or tools to mentor them the right way, this is why you yourself become knowledgeable so you in fact can teach, coach and mentor correctly....! It's a process and the hang around phase is the start.....! Lastly... know the difference between and prospect and probie (probationary).... Probie is someone that's been on the set, riding, former member of another club joining your club and a prospect is someone fresh off the streets no previous club experience...!. DorrisWedding girl's wearing for graduation at 8th grade